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Exclusive Merchandise: Limited Edition T-Shirts

Get your hands on our exclusive promotional T-shirts, available for a limited time! Perfect for showcasing your support and spirit, these T-shirts are a must-have for any member of our community. To place your order, simply fill out our convenient online form. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to own a piece of our cherished merchandise.

CCRS Life In The Spirit Seminar - T-SHIRT

Hi there,

We are excited you have decided to order merchandise. Please note that for the time being this is a one time limited promotion.

The t-shirt is UNISEX, grey color and is made of 99% Cotton and 1% polyester, full chart size below.

Please read the following information when placing your order:


  2. You will need to pick up the t-shirt (s) at the CCRS office – 230 Golden Eagle Drive, or you can pay an additional $10 to ship it anywhere in Canada.

  3. To complete your order you must.

a) Submit payment via E-TRANSFER (after you fill out form) to

(no need for security question) – please add in the comments your name and advise it is related to the t-shirt order. OR

b) Pay over the phone (after you fill out form) call the CCRS office – 204-895-7544. OR

c) Mail Cheque (after you fill out form) to CCRS office – 230 Golden Eagle Drive, Winnipeg, MB, R2K 4M4. OR

d) Cash/Cheque IN PERSON (after you fill out form) at CCRS office – 230 Golden Eagle Drive, please give us a call to ensure your order is ready. OR

Please note that orders without payment will not be processed. We thank you for your order and support in spreading the good news!

- CCRS Team

Additional Information: Please provide any other specific information you feel is necessary.


NOTE: If you are ordering more than one t-shirt please submit a new form once you complete your first order.

Thanks for submitting!

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